Special Meetings - ISASI 2020

National/Regional Societies

While ISASI's head office is in the United States, there are several National and Regional Societies and Chapters spread around the globe. The yearly seminar acts as a perfect opportunity for the members of these groups to get together and discuss the work being done.

ISASI has National Societies in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Korea, Middle East & North Africa, Pakistan, Russia, Latin America, and Asia. We also have an International member status for those ISASI members who live elsewhere. If you are already a member of a Society or Chapter, we invite you to attend the appropriate meeting in Montreal. If you are not a member, you are also welcome to attend.

ISASI Working Groups and Committees

Over the years, much good work has been accomplished by the ISASI Working Groups.

Listed below are documents produced by the Working Groups that are being used daily by air safety investigators. These documents are available on the ISASI web site under "Guidelines."


Several documents authored by the ICAO Cabin Safety Group are available on the ISASI website (Members Only)

Current Working Groups

Airports, Air Traffic Services, Cabin Safety, Corporate Affairs, Critical Incident Stress Management, Flight Recorder, General Aviation, Government Air Safety, Human Factors, ICAO, Investigator Training & Education, Military Aviation Safety & Accident Investigation, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

If you have an interest in any of these areas, we encourage you to find out if the Working Group is planning to meet at the ISASI 2020 Annual Seminar in Montreal, and, if they are, you are welcome.

You may also contact the Working Group Chairpersons who are listed on the ISASI web site.
In the navigation menu, click "Contact," then "Working Group Chairman."